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Your Mold Inspection

Anthem Services provides mold inspections to identify areas that potentially allow for the growth of mold, confirm apparent mold by laboratory analysis, and establish if there are elevated spores inside the property. After the remediation of mold, an inspection can clear the area of elevated mold levels and check that water penetrations are no longer actively leaking and have been appropriately repaired.

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In order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the property we:

  • Follow IAC2 Mold Inspection Standards of Practice

  • Inspect all accessible areas for apparent mold

  • Sample all apparent mold by swab or tape sampling

  • Collect non-viable air samples in rooms with apparent mold

  • Inspect for water penetration and water leaks in all accessible areas

  • Check temperature and relative humidity in all levels of the home

  • Collect two exterior non-viable air samples to establish a baseline mold level

  • Collect at least one interior non-viable air sample in the most commonly used room

  • Use an infrared camera to find temperature fluctuations that can indicate moisture intrusion

  • use a moisture meter to verify and quantify any temperature fluctuations detected

  • Create a formal report including areas of concern, readings of moisture, relative humidity and photo documentation as well as lab analysis for all samples collected

Mold sampling is a snapshot in time. Mold spore count can be influenced by wind direction, temperature, season, and barometric pressures among many other factors. This inspection is not useful for diagnosing medical conditions. It may identify mold by type, quantity and verify presence of apparent mold. It is useful for protecting the property from moisture damage and damage caused by mold. For information about the medical effects of mold contact a medical professional.

IAC2 Decision Chart for When to Collect Samples

Iac2 sampling Chart.png

Anthem Services suggests having your entire home inspected for mold and areas that can contribute to mold growth. However, We do offer limited inspections of specific areas and testing of apparent mold growth. In a limited sampling we collect samples and inspect areas at the clients discretion. This inspection is suggested for testing apparent mold, and verifying that it is actively growing by collection of air samples or for clearing a specific area after remediation is complete. A limited inspection includes a lab report for any samples collected and a verbal report given at the time of inspection.

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