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Your Lead Inspection

Lead paint was used in residential properties until it was banned in 1978. If you are planning to purchase a home built before 1978, a Full Risk Reduction or (FRR) inspection is recommended. This inspection is performed to Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) standards and is used to certify a rental property habitable. It is a low-cost inspection that helps identify any possible lead hazards and will ensure that lead concentrations are low enough that they don't present a health hazard to your family. Anthem Services has a certified Lead Risk Assessor on staff. This certification is the highest one can achieve in the lead inspection industry.

We inspect the property for deteriorated paint and collect samples to ensure that no lead dust hazard is present.


If you are planning to rent a property built before 1978 it is mandatory that you register the property with MDE and carry a Lead Certificate or Form 330.

Things you can do to ensure a satisfactory inspection experience include:

  • Thoroughly inspecting the exterior and interior for deteriorated paint including; walls, floors, ceilings, closets, basements, piping, door systems, exterior soffits, fascia, porch floors, porch ceilings any painted foundations and all other painted surfaces

  • cleaning all horizontal surfaces including; window wells, window sills, stair treads and floors

  • wet moping hard surfaces with a replaceable head mop and using multiple heads throughout the property

  • if you have original wooden windows; ensuring that they are operable and checked for paint condition

  • meeting with the inspector and having cleaning and touch-up paint supplies available

  • contacting Maryland Department of Environment at 410-537-4199 to register your rental and receive your tracking number

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