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Your Particulate Matter Survey

Particulate matter consists primarily of mold spores, insect parts, skin cells, pollen, dander, and even viruses. PM 2.5 can actually pass through the lungs and enter the blood stream. PM 2.5 & 10 can both contribute to allergys, asthma and other respiratory issues. A particulate count survey provides and quick and rudimentary way of evaluating the air quality. Essentially the purpose is to discover if there is an air quality issue so that further investigation can be conducted if needed.

Particulate Matter counter.jpg

 Anthem Services is here to help you understand the air quality within your home; that means:

  • Surveying several rooms from all floors of the property

  • Checking the HVAC air filter

  • Looking for common things that can impact indoor air quality

  • Issuing a report within 24 hours of the inspection

  • Being available to answer questions 24/7 by phone or email

Alberto Says:

Anthem services has really been a valuable resource, and they satisfied our needs by providing counsel and expertise regarding the applicable regulations required to get our property compliant and registered for rental in Baltimore.


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