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Your Pre-Listing Inspection

The purpose of a pre-listing inspection is to find major defects before the property is listed allowing the opportunity to fix problems before going to closing. When an inspector finds major defects in a home inspection the buyer and seller typically negotiate. The negotiations can include the sale price of the property, repair costs, responsibility for repairs, Etc. When these major defects are repaired before the property is listed it is one less thing that can disrupt the sale of the property.


Open Sewer Pipe


Unlabeled Breakers

 Anthem Services is here to help you ensure the sale of your home is not negatively impacted by the findings of a home  inspection. We follow the same protocol for a pre-listing inspection as we do with a home inspection that means:

  • Meeting the Maryland Standards of Practice (SOP) by inspecting the structural system; exterior; roof, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, interior, fireplaces, solid fuel burning appliances, insulation and ventilation

  • Checking all appliances for basic function

  • Using an infrared camera to check for temperature changes that can indicate missing insulation or moisture

  • Using a moisture meter to verify moisture presence in suspect areas

  • Including photos of defects so that they are more clearly identified

  • Issuing a report the same day of the inspection

  • Being available to answer questions 24/7 by phone or email

Things you can do to ensure we can provide you the best pre-listing inspection possible include:

  • Ensuring all utilities are on: electricity, gas, water, Etc

  • Ensuring access to crawl spaces and attics is provided

  • Being present for at least the end of the inspection; we suggest being present for the duration.

  • Bearing in mind that these inspections take from 2 to 4 hours


Inadequate Clearance

A pre-listing inspection is not designed to replace the home inspection; it is designed to give the seller the ability to make necessary repairs and remove variables from the sale. A home inspection should still be completed by the buyer. It is unlikely that any inspector is going to find every single small defect in a property. That is not the purpose or intention of a home inspection or a pre-listing inspection. The purpose is to find major defects, small defects that can lead to major defects and safety concerns. Remember; when the buyer has a home inspection completed, it is the inspectors job to find defects and no ones home is perfect.

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