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Your Walk-Through Inspection

At Anthem Services we understand that sometimes you do not need an extensive report with pictures and details. You just need an insightful freindly inspector to walk the property with you and verbally inform you of any observations. Walk-through inspections are a great option for purchasers of "as is" properties, final walk through before closing, investors who need to know more about a property, and anyone who is planning to create their own punch-list of items to fix before they go to list a property. Since this inspection is completed on sight without a formal report or photos it is also a very reasonable inspection typically costing half what a home inspection would.


Walk through inspections are not home inspections and cannot be used for negotiation purposes in a residential transaction.

Anthem Services is here to provide as much information as we can during your walk-through inspection that means:

  • inspecting the structural system; exterior; roof, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, interior, fireplaces, solid fuel burning appliances, insulation and ventilation

  • Checking all appliances for basic function

  • Using an infrared camera to check for temperature changes that can indicate missing insulation or moisture

  • Using a moisture meter to verify moisture presence in suspect areas

  • Being available to answer questions 24/7 by phone or email

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