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Insulation for a cold winter!

As we move into the frosty season, consider having a look at the spaces most unkempt. The attic! The crawl space! The rim joist bays! These are the areas in a modern home that see the most attention when it comes to insulation; but they can also be accessed in an older home fairly easily. Bring up the level of insulation to help with your energy bills and your level of comfort. More insulation equals less energy loss during the coldest nights and a more stable indoor temperature.

Joist bays can be prone to wood rot if insulation is not installed well. We

recommend avoiding fiberglass bat insulation in this area and using insulation board and spray foam sealant instead. If you ever have new siding put on, consider having insulation boards added underneath that extend all the way to the foundation, this creates a better barrier and helps with thermal bridging.

In homes older than 1990, you likely have 3 inches of fiberglass batt insulation. for these homes we would recommend un-faced batt insulation be added (r-30 is ideal). No mess and no baffles needed, just make sure insulation doesn't come into contact with the sheathing. Blown in tends to sag over time and is great for hard to reach areas, but fiberglass batts are easier if you want a DIY solution. Make sure to measure the space in between trusses and get the right size!

The floors feel cold in the addition or converted porch, make sure they are insulated from underneath! ideally batt insulation with a vapor barrier below to keep moisture from accruing and mold developing. Same for crawl spaces; if its not heated or cooled, it should be insulated! Duct work should also be insulated in unconditioned spaces, this makes the system work better and keeps you as warm or cold as you want to be.

As we go into the cold season, think about the return you can see all winter long with lower energy bills and a more comfortable living space. If you live in an older home, there are real efficiency gains to be had from insulating. Give Anthem Services a call for any of your home inspection needs or a consultation on energy efficiency.

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