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In the Defense of a Walk Through Inspection

Nothing should be attached to a chimney. Its easy to remove these things, but expensive to have a contractor do it.

If you are thinking about selling your house you are preparing to go through a myriad of steps and sometimes one extra step seams excessive. The pre-listing inspection or walk through inspection. With a pre-listing inspection you are issued a full report with photos and descriptions. A walk through inspection offers you the same quality inspection without a written report. This is not a home inspection, but it does follow the same outline. giving you an understanding of what the home inspector may find when you go to closing. Having this information early allows you to make repairs before the home is listed or inspected allowing for there to be minimal negotiation at closing.

By removing variables from the closing process you remove variables from the offer you receive from the buyer.

No seller ever wants to see the offer on the table diminished by something they could have repaired earlier. A walk through inspection gives you the information you need so that doesn't happen.

How do you feel about walk-through inspections? If you rehabbed a home would you want this? What are some other things you can do to make your closing go smooth?

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