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Infrared Lets You See More

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Anthem Services includes the use of Infrared technology in each home inspection and mold inspection we perform.

But what does that mean?

Infrared allows us to see temperature differences on the surfaces of objects. This means we are more likely to find moisture intrusion spots, areas that are missing insulation, places where duct-work is leaking air into unfinished spaces, failing electrical breakers, recess

ed lights that are unsealed, and leaks in radiant heating systems. These things are impossible to see with the naked eye. Infrared lets you see more.

Air movement is key to revealing many of these potential problems. through natural convection and pressure differences we see the exchange of temperature and air. The surfaces that are exposed to these changes can be observed with infrared.

As air movement passes over water it cools it. This allows us to see an outline of the water spots in places that are wet and have air movement. Most homes have significant air movement, especially older ones. So if there is a roof leak and the attic is vented we can see a clear outline of the water intrusion. moisture in walls and foundations are a little more difficult, depending on air flow and severity of the water damage. This difficulty in identifying water intrusion is why it is absolutely necessary to confirm suspicion of water penetration with a moisture meter.

At Anthem Services we bring some of the best tools to the inspection so that we can provide you more information. Infrared cameras are tools, like flashlights they illuminate and make evident, they do not allow us to see through walls. Its important to understand their limitations such as their inability to properly "see" on reflective surfaces like heating ducts, mirrors, windows, and stainless steel appliances. This tool does have a place in an inspectors toolbox and provides insight and allows us to provide you with a better report.

How do you feel about infrared? Is it something you look for in an inspection? do you have any questions? Anthem Services, LLC is here to help.

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